Blaschke Original

Layer by layer
of deliciousness

Blaschke layer by layer of deliciousness
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Blaschke layer by layer of deliciousness
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Die Blaschke Kokoskuppel ist perfekt zum Kaffee

for coffee ...

Die Original Blaschke Kokoskuppeln

... or as a
little snack.

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The Blaschke story – the invention of the coconut macaroon

Because highest pastry art is timeless:
The Blaschke coconut dome is still produced today according to the traditional recipe
and inspires many loyal and also numerous new customers "layer by layer".

Original Blaschke Kokoskuppel aus der Konditorei Blaschke

Blaschke jun. and „his“ macron!

1902 saw the trained gingerbread baker, candle maker and confectioner founding Konditorei Blaschke, in which the Kokosbusserl were also offered. On one particular day in 1921 there is a visit from a sales representative – who has a special wish: The Kokosbusserl ought to be dipped in chocolate

So Johann Blaschke tries his hand at the dipping – but there is a catch: The base of the Busserl is not smooth and the dipping mixture does not stick to it very well. The smart confectioner finds a way around this. The wafer is picked off the base and the Busserl is left wonderfully smooth and appetising and, above all, good for dipping.

Arguably proud, but not yet satisfied with his work, the master craftsman fills a fine cream between a particularly large baked Kokosbusserl and its wafer base, and then covers half of the entire product with chocolate – and, layer upon layer, the coconut macaroon is born!

The Blaschke Coconut Macaroons in the making

65.000 units per day!

The turbulence of World War Two also strikes the Blaschke company: Father Johann, the inventor and sole producer of the original coconut macaroon, dies in 1944; the headquarters burn down on 2 April 1945.

Original aus der Konditorei - die Kokoskuppeln

Original recipe since 1921!

Since 2013, Blaschke has been owned by the Upper Austrian family company, Spitz, which – with an awareness of tradition - continues to carry the brand Blaschke Kokoskuppel or coconut macaroon as one of the five most popular sweet wares in Austria.

Since master Blaschke is not merely an outstanding confectioner, but also a good businessman, he gets the name protected as a trademark. The speciality soon gains fame. To be able to keep up with the orders, it is necessary to modernise and expand.

His son, Ernst, refuses to be defeated and, that very same year, begins to rebuild the company, which operates with extreme success in the decades that follow. Ernst Blaschke manages to transform the traditional confectionery business into an exemplary industrial production site for all manner of fine bakery products. Alongside other confectionery items, an average of 65,000 units of coconut macaroon are produced day after day.

The entire federal territory is supplied, as well as exporting to Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

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  • Since 1977 Blaschke has been allowed to carry the Austrian quality brand as a special award for the "Real Coconut Macron".

  • In the 80th year of the company's existence, in 1982 Federal Minister Josef Staribacher awarded the company the right to run the state coat of arms in business dealings.

  • With the award of the Austria quality mark, Blaschke receives further confirmation for the tested high quality of the products.

  • With the purchase of UTZ-certified cocoa and the use of palm oil from RSPO-certified cultivation, Blaschke supports the sustainable cultivation of agricultural products.

Blaschke Original - Kokoskuppel mit Krone
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